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Moffat balks at [accusations of sexism] “River Song? Amy Pond? Hardly weak women. It’s the exact opposite. You could accuse me of having a fetish for powerful, sexy women who like cheating people. That would be fair. [x]

That should be reason enough to justify accusing Moffat of sexism. He’s basing his characters’ personalities and traits upon his sexual preference. These women are not individuals, they are reduced to their sexual appeal. Or, if you will, at least viewed through sexual lens. For heaven’s sake, when is it when people would stop measuring power or individuality by physical power? They’re made powerful so they would be further idolized. Yeah, the people in Moffat’s DW stories don’t sexualize Amy or River, but the narrative clearly does. They are made to be sexually appealing to the audience - or, gods forbid, Moffat himself. It probably feels good to imagine someone as powerful, as clever as Moffat’s female characters, seducing you doesn’t it?

And there’s a moment with two Amy Ponds in it. If you’re a red-blooded male surely that’s enough! You’ve got Amy Pond flirting with herself. [x]

Just look at how similar many of our new companions are to Edward Cullen and other male love interests in many YA fiction. All of them are reduced to simply being appealing to the audience. Don’t get me wrong, I love Amy and River and Clara, but the way they are represented - as well as little hints in the lines here and there - just doesn’t seem right.

Okay, that wasn’t a very clear rant…let me put it another way: When have it been okay to create characters whose main trait is SEXY - i.e., sexually appealing? He’s reducing them to the role of being sexually appealing.

Moffat doesn’t seem to understand the point at all. Just because you give someone a gun doesn’t mean you’ve treated them right, and sexism is not just about intelligence or political/physical power or experience, these are the surface things, it’s about respecting people.

Still, personally I am reluctant to say firmly that Moffat is sexiest (not to be confused with: Moffat’s writing have sexist implications) One reason being that I have read and liked some YA fiction that does the same thing, but to men (or boys, I guess) and besides, Moffat does the same thing to other characters, not just women. He glorifies the Doctor, for example, defining him by his role as The Hero of the story, and therefore making me relate to him less…but that’s for another rant. I just feel like Moffat is quite a control freak where have I heard that term again when it comes to his characters.

The above rant is triggered by this post, which I actually haven’t finish reading yet. But whatever here’s the link.

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I’ve decided to write about Rumbelle, because why not, I’ve been reading all these opinions (like this) and with everything happening in my personal life, I need a good rant.

Look, first of all, you have to understand I used to ship Rumbelle. I still do, in some sense. Skin Deep is one of the episodes that really got me into OUAT. I liked strong, independent Belle, seeing past hatred/pain/grief that Rumple had caused, to the man inside. I liked Rumple, who loves and cares for her and is scared by it. Since then, the show seem to have moved on from this beautiful couple and at the same time stuck:

Looking back, I do realize that the ship have unhealthy potentials from the start. From what we know about the ogres, Rumple’s deal was really just an ultimatum (side note: why the hell didn’t they just ask the fairies for help first?!!), forcing Belle into his service. She was an object, a machine to clean his castle, who he dumped in the dungeon. But considering that this is in a few seconds of their first meeting, and this is a complete DarkOne!Rumple we’re talking about, let’s let that slide. Let’s also let slide those pre-romance moments when Rumple tortured a guy and told Belle to clean all the resulting bloody aprons, forced her and kept her in the ground with magic, made her watch him kill a man, or at least try to. But there’s still the time Rumple shook her violently, threw her to the ground, locked her away because she angered him - doesn’t that sound, uh, a bit abusive to you? The audience - Rumbelle shippers - me - accepted all this, ignored it, sees it as okay even when its not because Belle stood up for herself, and we see that Belle doesn’t seem much seriously, negatively affected by what Rumple had done. Hack, she even seem to have expected it - not before, but afterwards. It seems like she take his reaction as granted, as if there’s nothing wrong in what he did. Boys The Dark One would be boys the Dark one…well, anyways, when he eventually let her out she was firm with him and left him despite knowing that she could have had happiness, that they were true love. In Skin Deep, Rumple didn’t respect Belle as much as he should have, but it was still a more or less balanced relationship because Belle stood up for herself. I’m sure most people are excited to find out how this relationship would develop, right?

Yeah, except for the part where Belle just runs to Rumple in the S1 finale, how, even when he tells her I love you which is a big jump from their last meeting, she doesn’t even act a bit surprised. Everything that goes on afterwards have been discussed deeply by others already, so I won’t go into detail much, except pointing out that Belle seldom stood up to Rumple since. She leaves him for point O seconds, and then she’s forgiven him and back at his side. For what reason? Plot? The Rumbelle-shipping fans? When does Belle ever do anything for herself? (more about that later) The Zelena-dagger thing just points out to me how unhealthy the relationship really is, or at least have become. At that point I felt really shocked and betrayed - as if I was the one Rumple lied to. All through the season, I thought Rumple was changing, he was growing, he was becoming better. Now he’s just gone back to his old ways. This isn’t just some broken promises like before (and they were quite some serious promises Belle tried to get him to make), Rumple knew he was going to kill Zelena, he plans on it, it isn’t out of a moment of anger. Yet he promised Belle he won’t, and tricked Belle into believing him, and proposed with the f*cking dagger with a speech and a fake act of trust. He didn’t need to do that. He could’ve just promised Belle and went to kill Zelena like he did before, when Belle ask if going after Hook is only about Bae’s cloth. This didn’t need to happen. Yet he did it, so Belle would trust and love him more.

Do you get why I’m writing a rant about my ex-OTP now?

There’s also another thing. It’s not just how Rumple treats Belle, it’s how the narrative treats Belle. Belle is no more than part of Rumbelle. She is defined by her relationship with Rumple. She is irrationally forgiving, to the point of inhuman. It feels like everything about her is about her love for Rumple. We seldom sees her by herself, and that one time we did? It ended with a I-will-never-stop-fighting-for-[Rumple] moment. Really. Everything she did in defeating the Yaoguai was all about not giving up on Rumple. (though I have to say that first of all, it made no sense that Mulan can’t read - they should’ve made it so that she doesn’t bother, the book is too thick, or difficult to understand. Secondly, the way she ‘translate’ the book is weird. I’m Chinese, it’s my mother language, and that’s not how I read English for heaven’s sake. Belle’s no translating machine, when she’s reading the words it should have meaning, not corresponding words in her Mother Tongue wtf) She just never stand up for herself, and when she does it was just so the show would be a little more dramatic. We never see her as just Belle, whenever she’s on screen Rumple’s storyline always directly intertwine. Heck, Belle doesn’t even find the families she’s saved by going with Rumple after she left him. Why would she sit in a bar reading a book happily, be tempt to go on an adventure, when she had family and friends she misses? Oh, right, I forgot. It was so the storyline could make her realize’she could never-stop-fighting-for-him.Seriously, what does Belle gets out of Rumbelle? What does she love Rumple for, except for his love for her? You have the answers? Because I’m at a blank.

Before I end, I’d also like to point out that Belle doesn’t exactly treat Rumple perfectly either. I definately don’t think it’s her fault, but Rumple needs more than depending on Belle’s love and persuasion to do good. First of all, he should do good because it’s good, not because of Belle - this is merely turning his addiction to magic/power to an addiction to Belle (which is quite gross when you think about it but whatever). Second of all, all Belle does is remind him, with words, that he ‘have goodness in him’ or whatever, and that to be a good person, to keep her love for him, he has to do what she says. Granted, what she says is right, but that doesn’t make it healthy. Rumple needs someone like Archie to talk to, not Belle.

After the season 3 finale, I just can’t ever see Rumbelle being fixed. Ever. You just can’t do it without further approving of abusive/unhealthy relationships. What Rumple have done, the manipulation - not just going against a promise this time - is something I think can never be forgiven. I want Rumple and Belle to form other romantic relationships, anything but Rumbelle. It would be best if they stay single, since there are so many romance on the show already I don’t think I would like more, but if by the end of season 4 Rumbelle ends up making up to each other, I might just end up killing myself with The Dark One’s dagger.

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icons that are actually for 2+3 colors of doctor who meme hehe. feel free to use as long as you don’t claim as your own. like/reblog+credit would be appreciated. more under the cut.


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ouatiw meme


here’s my own version of a meme for once upon a time in wonderland, feel free to use it! :)

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You never think about yourself. What do you really want to do? 

Love Live! School Idol Project 1x08

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reign 1x19  T O Y   S O L D I E R S

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3/9 episodes - Lacey [2x19]

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